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What does the Cerberus app do?
Cerberus Kids is your trusted companion to keep your children secure, both in the real and digital worlds. With powerful features and a user-friendly interface, you can have peace of mind while your children explore and learn.

Key Features:

📍 Real-time Location Tracking: Stay connected with your child's whereabouts. Our location tracking feature allows you to monitor their movements and even set "secure areas" (geofences) for instant alerts when your child enters or exits specific locations.

📊 App Usage Insights: Gain valuable insights into your child's digital activities. View detailed statistics on app usage, daily, weekly, and monthly, with the ability to drill down into hourly app usage.

🌐 Geofencing for Added Safety: Define secure areas with specific timeframes. Receive notifications if your child leaves school during school hours or enters prohibited areas.

🔒 Permission Monitoring: Stay informed with alerts if your child attempts to remove permissions for location and app usage data. Keep their safety settings intact.

Getting Started:

Download Cerberus Kids and sign in with your Cerberus account. For new users, enjoy a free trial. Afterward, subscribe for continuous access to this app and our other family protection services.

How to Use Cerberus Kids:

Install the app on your device and create a Cerberus account if you don't already have one. Set your phone as the parent device and install Cerberus Kids on your child's device. Follow the setup instructions to connect the devices seamlessly. Access a list of your children's devices within the app for easy monitoring.

Your Child's Safety, Our Priority:

Statistics: Get comprehensive data on app usage to make informed decisions. Location: Track your child's whereabouts with ease and even get directions to their location. Secure Area: Create geofences for custom alerts and safety zones.

For any questions, feature requests, or support, contact us at We're here to assist you in ensuring your child's safety and well-being.

This app uses Accessibility services so parents can enforce app usage restrictions, preventing children from using apps more than a specified amount of time. The Accessibility Service is notified of the app that is being displayed, and acts according to rules set by the parent. No data is collected or sent.

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