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What does the Cerberus app do?

Cerberus is the ultimate anti-theft application, offering top-tier protection to recover your misplaced, lost, or stolen Android device. It goes far beyond a mere "find my phone" app or a phone tracker; Cerberus boasts a plethora of unique features that make it the ideal solution for stolen phone recovery, finding your lost phone, and enhancing mobile security.

Key Features:

📍 GPS Tracking: Utilize real-time GPS tracking to pinpoint your device's exact location, ensuring you're always in the know about its whereabouts.

📷 Intruder selfie (Theftie): Capture a photo of anyone attempting to unlock your device with an incorrect code; the picture aids in the identification of the thief.

🔒 Fake Shutdown: Outsmart thieves by displaying a deceptive power-off menu while keeping your device active and traceable, increasing the chances of tracking down your lost smartphone.

🚨 Remote Alarm: Activate a high-volume alarm remotely to quickly pinpoint your device's vicinity, making recovery a breeze.

🛡️ Remote Lock: Safeguard your valuable data by remotely locking your device in case of loss or theft, ensuring unauthorized access is thwarted.

🌐 Geofences: Establish geographical boundaries and receive immediate alerts when your device enters or exits these predefined areas, enhancing theft protection and phone locator functionality.

📱 Smartwatch Integration (powered by Wear OS): Enjoy seamless connectivity with your smartwatch, receiving instant alerts if it disconnects from your device, ensuring you're always in control.

🔑 Forced Unlock Help: Enhance personal safety in precarious situations—initiate a simulated device shutdown 15 seconds after unlocking, creating the illusion of a dead battery while maintaining GPS tracking and phone locator capabilities.

Install Cerberus and try all its great features for free, then you can buy a license for your account from within the app.

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