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[+] How can I control Cerberus remotely?

[+] Which commands are available by text/SMS messages?

[+] Adding/removing devices from your Cerberus account

[+] "Problem communicating with your device" error

[+] "All location services are off" message while tracking

[+] I have a rooted device. Can I get additional features?

[+] My antivirus flags Cerberus as virus or malware

[+] Cerberus does not take pictures when a wrong unlock code is entered

[+] "Get device info" does not show the phone number

[+] I hid the app icon, and now I can't open Cerberus

[+] My device won't lock

[+] "Grab screenshot" feature

[+] "Location history" feature

[+] "Error=MissingRegistration" / "Error=InvalidRegistration" / "Error=NotRegistered" messages

[+] "Free trial expired" message

[+] I'm not able to uninstall Cerberus

[+] How does the integration with Juice Defender/Green Power work?

[+] Problems with GO SMS/Handcent

[+] Changelog

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